Board-Level Repairs Micro Soldering

We proudly offer a NO FIX, NO FEE promise – if we’re unable to fix your device, or if we find that it will be too expensive to fix (e.g. it would be cheaper for you to buy a replacement phone/device), then it will only cost you the price of the postage (this offer doesn’t apply to water damaged devices).

Macbook Repairs

U2 IC Replacement

  • This will involve the replacement of the U2 IC chip on the board of your Apple device. The U2 IC chip manages USB functions, when it becomes faulty it causes problems with: charging, connecting to a computer and battery longevity.
  • iPad Mini 1,2,3
  • iPhone 5S, 5C
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus
  • iPad 4, Air, Air 2

Macbook Repairs

Water Damage Data Recovery

  • This form of repair demands detailed troubleshooting and inspection using a microscope: during this service, we clean corrosion, re-flow poor solder and replace any damaged components. Following this, the device may still not be fully functional, however it will be in a condition that allows for the removal of settings and data (such as otherwise irreplaceable photos). If we are unable to deliver on this promise, we won’t charge you anything but the postage.

Pry Damage, Broken/Missing Components

  • This includes damage due to home undertaken repairs, tools and technicians. The cost depends on the degree of damage, as well as the components to be replaced.
  • If solder pads and/or jumpers need to be replaced, this will also effect the price.
  • iPhone 5S, 5C

Example: iPhone 4 pry damage that has caused the power button to become unresponsive, or that causes the home button to stop functioning

Screw Damage

  • iPhone 5S BSOD (blue screen of death): This problem is typically due to the use of an incorrectly sized screw, which then damages the layers of the board underneath. This involves fixing the broken lines.
  • iPhone 6 No Backlight: This problem is also down to the use of an incorrectly sized screw. Our repair fixes the broken lines.

No Backlight/No image Repairs

  • Price depends on the cause of the problem: where a fuse replacement is required, up to £55 if IC’s need to be replaced.
  • The price can also depend on whether jumpers are required owing to damage to the solder pad..

Other Chips

  • We can also replace other chips, including the Touch IC on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (which can resolve touchscreen issues)
  • Price range varies as according to the size, location and cost of the chip in question.

All Connectors

  • We can repair all FPC connectors, which frequently become damaged during repairs, leaving your device even worse off, than when simply not functioning.
  • Examples: digitizer, battery, camera, LCD, dock connector etc.

Sim Card Reader Replacements

  • If your phone is displaying a ‘no service’ message, and your sim card reader is damaged, this will require de-soldering, removal and re-soldering with a new card reader

harging Port/Dock Connectors

  • Soldered USB, Micro USB connector replacement
  • iPad Mini 1,2,3 and iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2

Custom Work or Other Issues

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