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Do you have options if your drive or media is too damaged to recover from?

If your drive or media has suffered significant damage, and can’t be recovered through our professional grade data recovery equipment, there may still be a number of options we can explore. The first of these would be the potential of cleaning the drive in our clean room chamber in our commercial centre, in Birmingham.

No fix, no fee

Our set price for our data recovery price applies to any form of recovery job on a damaged drive or media. We use cutting-edge equipment and in most cases are able to recover our customers’ data – if we can’t however they’ll be no fee to pay at all.

Will we be able to recover data from your drive?

The majority of drives that we receive (and that we successfully recover data from) are usually no longer accessible from a typical PC, in some cases they may not even be accessible in a PC repair workshop. Many drives are also unresponsive and may also be making a clicking sound.

If you’ve sought data recovery quotes from other companies, you may have been given drastically differing figures. Here are a few reasons for this:

  • Other companies take a data recovery project to be a ‘worst case scenario’, even before inspecting it.
  • Some unscrupulous companies may already have your files (and may even provide you with a file list) and they simply want to make as much money as possible.
  • The description you’ve given to the company inquestion has given the impression that your drive is too damaged to recover data from without
  • significant repair work – in this case, the company are likely just being honest with you.
  • The company is charging you for unnecessary parts – such as read/write heads, when they’ve clearly already recovered your data (with the file list that they’ve provided you as proof of this).
  • As in all industries, some companies are simply more expensive than others.