MacBook Pro Repairs

Problems or Issues you might be having with your MacBook Pro


  • How to Tell: you’ll see a flashing folder icon and a question mark, a spinning coloured disc for too long, or a completely white screen
  • Batteries swell up and warp case.
  • Funny noises – high pitched tones, clicking, moaning/mooing sounds.
  • Keyboard/trackpad stops working, or ‘loses’ letters when typing fast.
  • LCD has uneven brightness / dark corners.
  • LCD has pink lines on the display, scrambled display or distorted graphics.
  • Random shutdowns, shutting down when unplugged (even when battery newly charged).
  • Drops WiFi signal.
  • Emergency Damage?
  • Liquid spills – either hot or cold drinks.
  • Accidental knocks, or dropping the machine.

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