The Gadget Clinic: Repairing, renovating and rejuvenating gadgets since 2011

We could break down and re-build the latest iPhone to the very last nut and bolt; we could remove and replace the screen of any Smartphone in existence, and our techies simply thrive on getting our customers’ gadgets back onto their digital feet.

What we don’t know about gadget repairs simply isn’t worth knowing.

We appreciate that you likely rely on your gadget each and every day. Whether tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone, we’re today so reliant on our tech that suffering a smashed screen, broken button or lost functionality can bring everyday life to a screeching halt.

Our business is getting you back on track, super-fast. It’s simple, really.

It’s something that we’ve become seriously well known for – and today, from our Worcestershire base, we provide a UK, nationwide service.

Whatever your issue, no matter your problem – we can fix it – and we’re always available when you need us throughout the repair process.


If you have a burning question that simply won’t wait, or if you need a custom quote or diagnosis, simply get in touch. Our team are always on hand to help. | 01527 337017