Part Quality Assurance

Our Repair Service: The Quality Of Apple Parts

If you’ve ever shopped online for a replacement part for your iPhone or another Apple device, then you may have noticed that this market is filled with drastically differing quality levels. You’ll likely discover many retailers claiming that their products are 100% authentic Apple components – however unless they’ve taken parts directly from a used iPhone or Apple device, they are guaranteed not to be original. This is down to the fact that Apple do not manufacture or supply any parts to third party sellers or retailers whats ever.

Explaining OEM Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are widely available online – these parts aren’t produced by Apple, however they are manufactured in the same factory as them. Examples of OEM Apple parts in this respect are: a complete iPhone screen, which is created from various components that are all manufactured by different providers; the LCD element is produced by LG and Sharp, and manufactured by numerous companies; the glass touchscreen, frame and flex cables will then all be supplied by other manufacturers.iPhone screens are available where each and every component has come from an OEM manufacturer/factory – these are the types of screens we use to undertake repairs, as they’re of the highest quality possible.

OEM and Non-OEM mixed parts

There are other types of screens available which are built from both OEM and non-OEM parts. As an example, the screen’s glass may be sourced from a non-OEM supplier, whilst the remaining elements are sourced from OEM manufacturers. These types of products will inevitably be cheaper, as the quality is less than parts that are purely OEM.

Be wary of price points that seem too good to be true

The cheapest of all replacement parts (routinely found on websites such as eBay, and sometimes used by other repairers) will be built completely from non-OEM parts. The old saying about buying cheap, and buying twice, certainly applies to non-OEM replacement parts, with price being an indicator of the quality of product. Ultimately such parts usually lead to problems, such as having poor LCD clarity, as well as the colour and quality of the glass.

The Gadget Clinic – Proud Repairers Who Only Use OEM Components

The price of our repair service is heavily influenced by the parts that we use – and as we strictly use OEM components, you benefit from a repair service that is backed up with a 12 month guarantee as standard (exclusions apply – see our warranty).