Whatever you need to know, you’ll find the answer right here.

(And if you have a query about your device then get in touch and we’ll be ecstatic to help) 01527 337017 | email sales@thegadgetclinic.co.uk

How long will it take to fix my Device?

Most of our repairs are completed within a super speedy 48 working hours (excusing weekends and Bank Holidays). If your device has suffered liquid damage, or if you require us to diagnose your problem, then these repairs can take longer as our engineers need to thoroughly assess the damage. Typically these are completed in between 3 and 5 working days.
These timescales serve as guidelines only (and if you need a more accurate timeframe, or update on your order, then do feel free to get in touch).

Will I be charged if you can’t fix my device?

If your device is salvageable, then the only charge we’d make is for the diagnosis.

I don’t know what’s wrong with my device – what do I do?

Don’t worry – this is exactly what our diagnostic service is for. This service will explore and discover the issue – we’ll then get in touch to let you know what the problem is, and how much it will cost to repair the problem.

What if I order the wrong repair service?

Don’t panic – if you’ve ordered the incorrect service we’ll simply get in touch to discuss what it is that you do need.

How do I pay for the repair?

We make ordering and paying for your repair service easy – simply explore our services section, locate the service you need, add it to your cart and checkout. Alternatively we’re also able to create your account for you – and once your item is fixed, you’ll simply need to visit MY ORDERS and press the PAY NOW button.

We accept all major credit and debit cards which are securely processed via Paypal debit Credit Cards, or bank transfer. You can also choose the ‘drop off to store’ tab – and you can then pay for the item when you visit us. You can also choose this option if you wish to send the device via special delivery – we can then repair the item and invoice accordingly once the repair has been completed.

Do you guarantee your repairs?

Yes, absolutely! So confident are we in our work that every single repair we undertake is backed up by a 12 months warranty. If anything goes wrong over this time, we’ll fix it completely free of charge.

Do you offer a telephone support service for the Apple iPhone?

Whilst we don’t have a dedicated Apple iPhone support line, we do happily accept calls and messages in relation to repairing your device. Just contact the team and they’ll be happy to talk with you.

Will I lose the songs and videos on my iPhone when you repair it?

We’ll always endeavour to protect your songs, videos and data, however owing to the unpredictable nature of damage and repairs, we can’t guarantee that they’ll remain in place.

We therefore recommend that you backup your device before you go ahead and send it to us.

How do I delete recent calls and individual functions?

If you update to the latest firmware you will be able to delete individual calls and individual SMS and MMS messages.

Should I send in my accessories with my Device?

No thank you – we only need the device.

Should I remove my sim card and memory card?

Yes – you should. Whilst we’ll also make every effort to get you sim or memory card back to you we aren’t liable for any lost Sim and memory cards.

On a similar note – please provide us with a contact number that isn’t the sim card that will be out of action whilst your device is being repaired, as we may well need to get in touch and this would only result in delays to our service.

How should I post my Device to you?

We strongly recommend that you use “Royal Mail Special Delivery / Royal Mail Recorded Delivery” – this provides peace of mind that your device is insured and that it arrives requiring a signature.

How will you return my repaired Device to me?

Your device will be sent back to you via 1st Class Recorded Delivery, or as an optional extra, you can choose Special Delivery Next Day.

Where can I get the order number?

Once your order is placed you can grab your unique order reference from the final page of the ordering process. You’ll need this to write it on the packaging when you send your device in the post

What does DIAGNOSIS mean?

If we don’t provide your repair service as standard, or if you need our team to discover what’s wrong with your device then you’ll need to order our DIAGNOSIS service. This simply means that you send us your device, and then we asses it. If, when we let you know what the problem is, you’d like us to repair it, we will then deduct the DIAGNOSIS service cost from the repair cost (meaning that you haven’t paid anything at all for it). If you decide not to have it repaired then we’ll only charge you the posting fee, and a banking fee of £9.99.

How long does a board level repair take?

Between 1 and 3 weeks – depending on our order levels & components available.

How can I trust you with my device?

We provide 12 months warranty as standard. If the problem re-occurs during this period then we will inspect the device and, if it’s the same problem, fix it completely free from charge (excluding water damage repairs).

What parts do you use for your repair service?

We only use the best parts possible – if we can’t use original parts, then we’ll use the closest quality possible. Read our post – ‘Quality & assurance’.

Do you handle any other repairs?

Yes, in fact we can undertake most board-level repair services, and not just on devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our services can span to include laptops (such as repairing laptop charging jacks, USB ports and the replacement of most damaged or faulty SMD components). Simply describe your problem on the quote form.